Creative Solutions for Business that are Collaborative, Innovative, Engaging and Effective!


What is a Salon?

It’s our hub…where innovative thinkers and skilled craftspeople meet to collaborate, conceive, perfect and produce great creative solutions for our
business customers.

Collaboration is our key to success

The salon environment is one where collaboration is encouraged and fostered.  It’s an ideal setting for stimulating new ideas, improving existing ones and promoting change. A perfectly suited creative environment for our ever changing business world where “the way we’ve always done it” is just no longer relevant.

That’s the premise that brought the Salon Creative Group to life. We bring great minds together with the best talent to produce innovative creative solutions that successfully meet today’s business demands.

Targeting your objectives with the written word and the visual image merging them seamlessly is where we excel. Client input is translated into cutting-edge marketing creative that brings proven results, whether online or in print.

Clients bring insight and intelligence making them critical members of our collaborative team. Rounding out a roster of intuitive, strategic-thinking account managers and skilled, seasoned designers, writers and developers. The results are dynamic, accurate and highly-successful creative presentations that meet objectives. We strive to exceed your expectations.

The Salon Creative Group is led by Lori Christopher as creative director, and Donald Fernandez as business manager. Lori brings over 30 years of design expertise, leading agency and corporate creative departments. Providing creative direction for Fortune 500 companies from the publishing, high-tech, construction, food and travel industries. Donald has spent most of his career in sales and business management and is adept at understanding client needs. He makes sure the operation end of our business hums right along with us.

Salons have long been places where creative thinkers gather to exchange and debate. Often associated with the salons of Paris in the 1930s, where Stein, Picasso and Hemingway shared creative ideas melding the visual with the written word.